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How to feel less isolated when working from home

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Working from home can sometimes be a little lonely, but it doesn't have to be. There are lots of ways to feel less isolated and more connected to others during your working day. And in this post, I'm sharing 5 of my favourite!

Feel isolated working from home?

One question I get asked a lot by my clients and community members is how to feel less isolated when working from home.

And I totally get it.

As much as I love being my own boss and working from home, staring at the same four walls day-in-day out with no-one else to talk to (except for my four-legged office buddies of course!) can be pretty lonely at times.

It wasn’t so bad when my youngest, Harrison, was still at primary school as I’d get to see my fellow mum friends in the playground twice a day. But now he’s at secondary school, there’s no playground…so I just sit in the car and wait.

Yes, I get to sit with my coffee and book which I love. And sometimes, I’ll go live inside my Facebook group. But there are times where I miss that daily dose of social interaction with others.

We're social creatures...

As humans, we’re social creatures by nature and we need to feel connected to others. But when you have an online business and work from home, sometimes this can be hard to achieve.

So, how do we feel less isolated when it’s just us and our laptops? How do we still get that workplace social interaction when there’s no water cooler/break time office chats to be had?

That’s what this post is all about!

Get ready to discover 5 things you can do to feel less isolated and more connected during your working week!

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How to feel less lonely working from home

Looking for some ways to break that feeling of loneliness and isolation when working from home? Being your own boss doesn’t have to be lonely. Give some of these a try and see how more connected to others you feel!

#1: Attend online networking events

One of the advantages of having an online business is that you get to connect with people all over the world. And that is one of the things that I love most about my business. I’ve met so many amazing other women in biz that I wouldn’t have met otherwise because they’re in a different country.

Thanks to the online world, expanding your network has never been easier. Especially when a lot of courses and programs now include online networking opportunities. Which means you can regularly connect with others without having to leave your home!

I have several online networking groups that I’m part of and they’re SO much fun. The introvert in me was pretty nervous about talking to others when I first started doing them. But I’ve gone from camera shy to looking forward to them every month.

The best part about online networking events is the opportunities they bring. I’ve made some great connections, met new biz besties and even taken part in some awesome collaborations. All because of online networking events!

What online networking events can you join?

Take a look at some of the groups and programs you’re already in. Do they have networking events you can attend? Go sign up for them! And if they don’t, ask your biz buddies if they can recommend any, or search Google and Facebook. That’s how I found a lot of mine!

#2: Attend in-person networking events

Virtual networking is great, but you can’t beat the power of meeting and connecting with others in real life. Your business might be online, but there are some great collaborations to be had with local mums in biz too.

This is something I’ve just started getting back into and I really enjoy it. The introvert in me still gets a little nervous walking into a room full of strangers, but thanks to online networking, my confidence has increased hugely. And I’m so glad it has because I’ve met some incredible women these past few months.

What local network events can you attend to help you meet more people just like you?

Not sure where to start? Google what’s on in your area or search for local Facebook groups. Online directories like Meetup and Eventbrite that you can filter for your local area can help too.

Another good way of finding out what’s going on is to check the websites and events of local hotels, halls, and conference centres in your area. I found some great events by doing all these things.

And, if you can’t find one and you’re feeling brave, you could always start your own!

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#3: Get an accountability partner

Having an accountability partner is one of my favourite ways to combat loneliness when working from home. Not only do you have someone to check in with, it gives you someone to celebrate your wins with you too. And, as well as cheering you on, they give you a kick in the butt when needed too!

I have two accountability buddies I’ve been working with every day for the last 4 years and I LOVE it. As well as co-working each day, we also have monthly Zoom calls to review our goals and strategise together. It’s so much fun!

The super cool thing though is they’re not even in the UK. One is in Norway and the other is in Florida! They have become two of my dearest friends and they definitely keep me in check. I can honestly say that I don’t think my business would be where it is now without them.

We cheer each other on. We support one another. We’re there to give the virtual hugs when needed – and to call me out whenever I’m procrastinating! I’m super grateful for this online world, because without it, I would never have met  them. We’re all in totally different countries and continents and so there’s no way we would have met one another otherwise.

It’s incredible how powerful having an accountability buddy can be. As well as reducing the isolation that sometimes comes from working from home, you’re more likely to accomplish your goals too.

Don’t have an accountability buddy yet? I highly recommend getting one!

Who could you ask? What programs or Facebook groups are you in? Maybe someone in the same program as you is looking for an accountability partner too? And who knows, like mine, they could end up being great friends of yours too!

#4: Work in a cafe

When you’re working from home, staying motivated and keeping those creative juices flowing can be a challenge. One of my favourite ways to conquer this is to get a change of scenery by working in my local café. Nine times out of ten, it’s my favourite Starbucks, but sometimes I’ll switch things up and go somewhere else.

Getting away from your four walls can be good when there’s something you want to focus on without getting distracted. I’ll often do this whenever there’s a specific project I’m working on or I want to plan my goals.

And the introvert in me loves it. I get to be surrounded by others and feel part of something, but I don’t have to talk to anyone! I just pop my headphones in and beaver away on my laptop. Not only does it give me a much-needed change of scenery, but it always reignites my creative spark. And, and it stops me from getting distracted by everything at home too – including the laundry!

If this isn’t something you do, give it a try.

Take your laptop to a café, to the library or anywhere with a wi-fi connection and get some work done. You don’t even have to take your laptop if you don’t want to. Need to do some brainstorm, planning or strategizing? Take yourself off out with your notebook and pen. You could even team it up with some retail therapy and lunch. It makes for a great day out and you’ll come back feeling totally refreshed and invigorated!

Image of three mompreneurs sitting at a table coworking for the blog post 'How to Feel Less Isolated wen Working from Home'

#5: Try a co-working space

Something I did recently was try a co-working space. And I really surprised myself by just how much I enjoyed it.

Yes, there was a small fee for the privilege but it was totally worth it. The wi-fi was super-fast and I got to hang out and chat with other biz owners. Not only that, the coffee and cake were on tap too!

Not come across a co-working space before? Picture an open plan office with desks occupied by biz owners from all fields and industries. Everyone is working on their own business but sitting and hanging out with one another too. Some even have private offices and conference rooms which are great for hosting meetings and workshops too. It’s pretty cool!

It was totally outside of my comfort zone, but I surprised myself by just how much I enjoyed it. It was great to get a change of scenery and try something a little different. It reminded me of my 9-5 as an Emergency Planning Manager for a national first aid charity. I worked in an open plan office then too, and I’d forgotten how much I’d enjoyed it!

Like local networking events, co-working spaces give you the opportunity to meet and connect with biz owners you may not have met otherwise. Many offer your first day for free as a taster session, the one I went to did. So, if you’re curious about co-working spaces, see if there’s one in your area and pay it a visit!

How to feel less isolated working from home

Next time you’re feeling a little lonely working from home, or you’re tired of staring at your four walls and feel like you need to get out and connect with others, give one of these a try.

Here they are again:

  1. Attend online networking events.
  2. Attend in-person networking events.
  3. Get an accountability partner.
  4. Work in a cafe.
  5. Try a co-working space.

Which one will you try first?

Send me a DM over on Instagram and let me know how it goes – I’d LOVE to know! And if you have your own strategy for feeling less isolated as a solo mompreneur, share that with me too. I’m always looking for new ways to connect with others!

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