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I'm always being asked what tools and resources I use in my biz and what my favourite memberships, courses and programs are. And so, I thought I'd pull them all together and list them here so that you have them all in one convenient place!

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full transparency...

Some of these resources are free, some are paid, and some are affiliate links – which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. I only ever recommend products and services I have personally used and love. Thank you for your support!
And now, let’s get on to helping you grow your biz!

all things biz growth

If we want to get ourselves out there, be seen, get clients and grow our biz and bank balance, we need a website, means to grow our email list, a way to sell our products and services, take payments, manage client calls, host webinars and trainings, avoid double-booking ourselves and stay on top of our biz goals and projects.

If that all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry – I felt the exact same way when I first started out and I’ve got you covered! Over the years and after a lot of trial, error, testing and getting to grips with all things tech, I’ve finally found my favourite biz tools and resources that I now swear by to manage and grow my biz. 

I love them and know you will too! 


I’ve tried a few website hosts but have been with Siteground for the past 3 years and have been very happy with their service, speed and helpdesk. I don’t see myself switching again anytime soon!


Tech totally freaks me out and so I’d never be able to customise my website without help! Elementor and it’s drag and drop features make it so easy that my whole website is now built using it.


Not only does FloDesk’s fee stay the same regardless how many subscribers you have, but their email templates look great too! Get 50% off your first year with my special link by clicking on the button below!


I use ThriveCart for the majority of my checkout pages and it’s where I host all of my masterclasses too. Easy to use, the best part is the onetime lifetime fee – it makes it an absolute no-brainer!


Zapier is a must-have for creating automated workflows and getting the different programs you use talk to one another. I use it to update FloDesk whenever I sell something through ThriveCart.


MiloTree allows you to grow your social media followers and email list with ease. Mobile friendly and simple to use, it has a low $9 forever monthly fee too. Get your first 30 days for free with my link.


Calendly is my go-to for booking coaching calls with my clients, for power hours, podcast interviews and so much more. Get ready to say goodbye to back and forth emails trying to find a time to talk!


Zoom isn’t just for meetings! I use it for coaching sessions, live masterclasses and for recording my podcast episodes too. And with their basic plan, you can host calls up to 40 minutes for free.


I’ve tried lots of project management tools but for me, nothing beats Trello. With boards, lists, and cards, I use it to plan and manage EVERYTHING in my biz – I couldn’t run it without it!

stock photography

Photography is something I’ve never been very good at…my pictures always come out blurry or at some weird, jaunty angle 😂 …but whether it’s for your website, or graphics for your opt-ins, emails and social media accounts, great images for your biz are a must. 
And that’s where stock photos come in.

There are a lot of free stock photo sites out there but I much prefer photo memberships where the images are more feminine, specifically curated for female entrepreneurs and most importantly, I can trust the source. I’ve tried and tested a LOT of stock photography sites over the years, but my favourites continue to be the ones below.


Probably my favourite stock photo site of all, Styled Stock Society’s collections are both feminine and gorgeous. The place I always go-to first for images, I love how they’ve   helped me to elevate my brand.


Haute Stock was one of the first stock photo memberships I signed up with and I’ve been with them ever since. Their collections are stylish and have helped me keep my branding look consistent.


With more than 500 collections and 10,000 images to choose from, Ivory Mix has never let me down when it comes to finding the perfect image – both for my website and my social media!


I absolutely LOVE Julie’s stock membership. Not only are her images beautiful and professional, but they always feature real female entrepreneurs that you would expect to see in real, everyday life.


Another biz bestie of mine, Annemarie’s stock membership is one that’s filled with gorgeous magazine-worthy images perfect for all feminine brands – no matter what your niche might be.


Want everything to create content that converts in one place? Alicia’s membership is it! Get instant access to all the images and templates you need plus a 365 day content calendar when you join.

all things templates

Templates make all things biz life sooo much easier – especially if design or tech aren’t your strong point…like it isn’t for me! 🙈 There are all kind of templates you can purchase to not only help you speed things up but give everything you do a cohesive and professional look too. And when it comes to social captions, crafting your subscriber welcome sequence or writing those weekly emails to your list, they totally help with writer’s block too!
SIDENOTE: A few of the templates below have been created by one of my biz besties, Julie C Butler…now I might be a little biased as she is one of my biz buddies, lol, but her templates are not only feminine, they’re also beautiful, easy to edit and look AMAZING! So, I don’t really see the point of recommending anyone else! 😉


These are some of the best Canva templates I’ve seen and used. And as well as all the usual templates you’d expect, there’s lots of slide decks, workbook and ebook templates to choose from too.


One thing I love about Kayla’s templates is that they’re not just graphics for social media. Join Ivory Mix and get instant access to a whole library of social captions – including ones for reels too.


We know our sites need a privacy policy, disclaimer, disclosure and copyright notice, but what on earth do we put in them? These plug and play templates make it super easy to make sure you comply.


They say ‘the money is in the list‘ and they’re right! But sometimes, it’s hard to know what to say each week. Thankfully, Kate’s templates inside the Email Marketing Fairy take away all the guesswork. 


Web design definitely isn’t my strong point and there’s no way I could design my site without Elementor – which is why I was so stoked when Julie launched these plug and play templates!


Creating a cohesive scroll-stopping brand just got a whole lot easier thanks to this collection of templates! Includes IG squares, stories, carousels, reels, pins, an ebook, slide deck and lots more.

JULIE'S thrivecart
template funnel

Want a cost-effective way to get started with creating your first ThriveCart checkout page – and for it to instantly look amazing too? This funnel template is it – and you can snag it for JUST $27!


Need more than one set of templates for your ThriveCart checkout pages? With 10 to choose from plus matching success pages, this has to be my favourite collection by Julie. 


I’ve spoken at all 3 of Julie’s summits and they’re the best by far. Thinking of hosting your own summit and want to get the best conversion rates during signup? These templates are a must!

courses and programs

When we’re first starting out in our biz, we are responsible for doing alllll the things. But sometimes, we don’t know how to go about it or what we need to do to make things happen. And there’s only so much we can gleam from YouTube, and freebies right?! But we have to learn all this stuff from somewhere… 

And that’s where courses and programs come in!

A HUGE course junkie, I’ve invested literally thousands over the years in all kinds of courses, trainings and programs to help me grow my biz. I’ll be adding to this list over the coming months, but for now…here are some of my absolute favourite MUST-HAVES to help you get started. 

SIDENOTE: I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Goddard and all of her programs. I’ve taken a LOT of them, so you’ll see a few of my favourites listed below. Not only does Lizzy break things down and make it easy for you to understand and take action right away, but they’re super affordable too – so be sure to go snag yourself a few of them!


As well as stock photos and templates, Ivory Mix has a TON of awesome trainings too. From branding and content planning to SEO, Pinterest, email and more, Kayla has got you covered!


The Members’ Club is awesome! Not only are there more than 70+ masterclasses to grow your biz, but some of my best biz buddies and collaborations have come about from this membership!


If you’re a coach, SOCA is a MUST. Not only is Lindsay Maloney one of my absolute favourite coaches, but SOCA gives you everything you need to grow and scale your coaching biz – the easy way.


Ready to make sales and generate “surprise” money whilst growing your list? From creating your lead magnet and tripwire to putting everything on autopilot, this self-paced course shows you how. 


This FREE training shows you how to go from idea to finished digital product in just 10 days. If creating digital products is something you want to do but you don’t know where to start, this is for you.


One of the best things I’ve done for my business is adding $9 offers to my product suite. And I learned how to do it with the help of this small but mighty course – which you can get for, yep, $9! 😉


Quite possibly my favourite of all Lizzy’s courses, I used it to not only create my own everything page but this resources page too! Want to create your own page? Snag this course for JUST $9! 


I took part in one of Lizzy’s Christmas Parties and it proved to be one of my biggest converters for subscribers. Want to know how she did it so that you can too? Get the lowdown in this handy debrief.


Something I intend to add to my biz next is ‘credits’ and this course has everything I need to make it happen – including the swipe files! Want to offer ‘credits’ in your biz too? This $9 course is a must!

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