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24 ways to spring clean your biz in 2024

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Feel like your biz could do with some TLC and a bit of a clean up? Spring cleaning your biz might sound like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 24 ways ways to spring clean your business in 2024 that are not only simple and quick to do, but will make your biz – and you – feel lighter and refreshed too!

How to spring clean your biz

It feels like it has taken forever for some nicer weather to finally arrive here in the UK. For there to be a little bit less rain and for it to feel like Spring might actually be on it’s way.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn and Winter and being able to light the fire and snuggle down in the evenings. But with it feeling like it’s been raining non-stop since Christmas, I’m ready for Spring to finally spring!

And with Spring almost being in the air, now is a great time to do a bit of spring cleaning, right?!

Normally when it comes to spring cleaning, we tend to think of spring cleaning our homes. Of flipping mattresses, decluttering, deep cleaning and making things spick and span.

But this time of year is also perfect for giving our businesses a bit of a declutter and spring clean too.

And so, in this post, I’m sharing 24 ways you can do just that!

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So, are you ready to give your biz a bit of a spruce up?

Let’s dive in!

The benefits of spring cleaning your biz

There’s nothing more satisfying than when you’ve given your home a good declutter and clean up. Everything feels so fresh and clean and new. And it can be the same for your biz if you give it a spring clean too!

Wondering why you should bother?

Here are just some of the benefits I’ve discovered by giving my biz a spring clean.

  • You’ll have more clarity and focus.
  • You’ll be more efficient and productive.
  • It’s a great opportunity to refresh and refine your branding and messaging.
  • You’ll more than likely reduce your outgoings and save some money. I certainly did!
  • It’s good for your stress levels and overall mental health and wellbeing.


Pretty cool, right?!

Want to experience these benefits too? Go grab that feather duster and let’s give your biz a blitz!

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24 ways to spring clean your biz

#1: Review your products and services

I’ve experimented with various products and services over the years. Some I’ve tweaked and refined. Others I no longer offer because they no longer felt aligned.

Do the products and services you are offering still bring you joy? Are they aligned with the vision you have for your business? Can they be improved and streamlined? And most importantly, are they delivering the results you want?

If they’re no longer serving you, it’s okay to let them go. And if there’s something you’re itching to try, now’s a great time to switch things up!

#2: Review your procedures and workflows

Whether you’re a solo mompreneur like me or you have a VA or team behind you, procedures and workflows are a must.

Having processes and all the steps down on paper helps to simplify the everyday tasks in your biz. It also helps stop things slipping through the cracks too.

What procedures and workflows do you have for your biz? Do they contain everything you need? And are there any you could create to make managing your biz easier?

This is something I need to get on top of as a lot of my procedures and workflows are in my head. It’s time to get them out of my brain and onto paper. If this is you too, why not join me and do the same this spring!

#3: Review your Subscriptions

What tools and subscriptions are you paying for in your biz? And what memberships and programs are you part of? Do you still use them? Are they still serving you? Is there a more cost-effective way you could do things?

Don’t be like me – I discovered I was paying for several subscriptions I thought I’d cancelled ages ago, oops!

Why pay for what you’re not using? Take a moment to evaluate your subscriptions, memberships and tools. Are they still serving your business needs? If not, it’s time to get rid!

#4: Check-in on your goals

What goals did you set for your business back in January? Do they still resonate and are you making the progress you hoped for?

Check-in on your goals and see where you’re at. What action do you need to take to accomplish your goals? And if a goal no longer feels right, it’s okay to let it go.

Don’t feel obligated to stick with goals that no longer fit your vision. Let them go so that you can focus on new goals that feel more aligned.

#5: Review your branding and messaging

Spring is the perfect time for a messaging makeover! Why? Because our messages evolve as we grow and learn what resonates in our business.

Your elevator pitch, also known as your ‘I help’ statement is crucial for networking and speaking engagements like summits. I’ve updated mine multiple times over the years to make sure it reflects and aligns with my current focus.

Take a look at your messaging, branding and elevator pitch. Does it truly convey who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you help them? If not, now’s a great time to give it a bit of a makeover!

#6: Refresh your website

When was the last time you updated your website’s Home page and About pages?

Potential clients like checking out your About page to see if you’re the right fit and can help them. This together with the Home page will be two of the most visited pages on your site. So, it’s important to make sure they reflect your current offerings and messaging.

Been a while since you updated them? Set aside a couple of hours to give them a bit of a refresh. Then, if you follow a term-time strategy like me, repeat this exercise at the end of every term. Checking in and refreshing your site every 2-3 months will help to keep things current.

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#7: Do some website housekeeping

Sticking with your website, another way to spring clean your biz is to do a touch of website housekeeping.

Open-up the backend of your site and give everything a quick onceover. Review your meta data for your pages and posts. Check your links to make sure they’re all still working. Using WordPress? Scroll through your plugins and make sure they’re all up to date. Be sure to delete any you no longer use.

Finally, take the opportunity to review your menus too. Check that you have everything you want linked to in your main menu. Make sure all of your drop-down menus go where you want them to go. Don’t forget to check your footer menu too – I always forget this one!

#8: Refresh your social bios

How current are your social bio pictures and are you using the same image on each of the platforms? Having the same photo across all of your socials helps give your brand a cohesive look. It also helps your followers know it’s still you when they’re jumping from platform to platform too!

Want to really switch things up? Consider changing your profile picture every season! Not only is it a bit of fun, but it serves as a great reminder to make sure your bio is still current too.

Do your bios reflect who you are, what you do, who you serve and how you can help them? And are they consistent across all platforms? If not, it’s time to give them a tweak!

#9: Update your Facebook headers

While you’re refreshing your social bios and picture, update your Facebook banners at the same time too. A quick spring clean and update will help keep your Facebook presence fresh and engaging.

Serious about your business? Instead of sharing a family photo as your banner, use that prime real estate space to your advantage. Have it convey who you are, what you do and who you help. Don’t forget to include links to your latest opt-in or your Facebook group in the comments too.

This was one of THE best pieces of advice one of my favourite business coaches has ever given me. When I’m not promoting my latest speaking engagement, my Facebook header drives new members to my Facebook group every single day!

#10: Refresh your Instagram feed

Been using the same templates and style of posts on your feed for a while? Use this spring-time feeling as an opportunity to freshen up your feed by using some different templates.

Or if like me, you have a 9 or 12-grid Instagram feed, check in on what your posts are conveying and update them if needed. Doing this 2-3 times a year will help keep your feed current and in sync with your brand.

Tired of chasing that darn algorithm and considering opting for a static feed? I’ll be publishing a post about why I decided to archive all 800+ of my posts and go for a 9-grid Instagram feed instead VERY soon. So be sure to keep an eye out for that!

#11: Unsubscribe and unfollow

How many emails land in your inbox daily that you instantly delete without even opening them? Not only do these emails clutter your inbox, but they clutter your mind too. Free up your inbox (and headspace!) by unsubscribing from people you no longer want to hear from.

If the thought of sitting there going through all of your emails fills you with dread, I have a solution. Unsubscribe gradually by opting out when new emails arrive. Within weeks, you’ll have effortlessly cleared out all unnecessary subscriptions and freed up your inbox. And it’ll feel great!

Whilst unsubscribing, clean up your social feeds too. Unfollow any accounts you’re no longer interested in – including those you find triggering. Turn your feed into a lighter, happier one by unfollowing those who cause you to negatively compare yourself to others.

#12: Refresh your Facebook groups

Sticking with unfollowing, how many Facebook groups are you in that you don’t interact in? It’s time to leave them! I recently reduced mine from almost 300 to around 150.

I shall probably go back and leave a few more at some point but it feels so good! It feels so much lighter knowing I’m now only in those that truly interest me. Plus, it’s much more manageable too.

Whilst you’re at it, use this as an opportunity to declutter your friends list too. It’s okay to delete friends, especially if your connection has changed or if they’re not adding value to your feed. Just because you’re friends in real life, you don’t have to be friends with them on Facebook if you don’t want to.

Image of a mompreneur sitting outside scrolling her phone for the blog post, 24 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business in 2024

#13: Declutter those saves

Oh man, I had so many posts I’d saved – both on Facebook and Instagram. And for the majority of them, I didn’t even know why I’d saved them. So, I deleted them – and it felt so good!

Go through your saves, review what you’ve saved but never revisited.

Whether it’s funny dog videos or other interests, keep only what you need and delete the rest.


Okay, we’re past the halfway make! Let’s keep going…

#14: Check your welcome sequence

Our welcome sequences are one of those things that we tend to set and forget. Until we go back and look at it a year later and be horrified at what’s in there. I certainly was when I checked in on mine!

The welcome sequence is usually the first thing new subscribers see after signing up to your list. When was the last time you took a look at yours? Is it still relevant and showcasing what you want it to?

Go through each of the emails in turn. Make sure what you are sharing is in line with your current messaging and offerings. Check all of the links to make sure they still work and that they’re going where  you want them to.

Remove any emails that no longer make sense and add any new emails if you want to.

#15: Review your thank-you pages

When someone signs up to your email list to snag your freebie, masterclass or whatever you’re offering, where are you directing them to after?

Are you sending them to a thank you page that is super old? Are you sharing a special offer for a service or product that no longer offer? Or maybe, you’re not directing them anywhere at all?

Your subscribers are at their hottest right after they’ve signed up, so make sure you’re making the most of this prime real estate.

Check your links to see where you’re directing them, that the links are still current. And if you’re not directing them somewhere, now’s the time to do so!

#16: Clean up your email list

Regularly removing those who haven’t opened your emails in a while helps improve those deliverability and open rates. When was the last time you deleted your cold subscribers?

If it’s been a while, now is a great time to do so. Most email service providers have a way of filtering your subscribers so that you can find your cold ones. Identify those who haven’t opened in email in the last 3-6 months and delete them from your list.

Thought of doing so freak you out? Tag them as cold subscribers and send a couple of emails giving them the option to click to stay on your list. Then, delete any who don’t. Know that if someone really does want to be in your world, they’ll track you down and resubscribe.

#17: Clean up your inbox

As well as unsubscribing from those you no longer want to hear from, regularly decluttering your inbox can help keep email overwhelm at bay too.

How many emails do you have in your inbox right now? Go through them, put any that you need to action into an ‘Action’ folder and get rid of the rest. Worry you’ll delete something important? It’s highly likely the person will contact you again if so!

If you find the concept of hitting delete in one hit too daunting, put the emails in a ‘Declutter’ folder. Then, make a note in your diary for 3-6 months’ time. Then, delete the ones you haven’t needed. That’s what I do!

#18: Declutter your to-do list

Our to-do lists can feel like they’re never-ending. And that we’re always adding more to them than we’re ticking off. Give your business a spring clean and reassess your priorities by decluttering your to-do list.

Make a master task list by doing a mind dump. Write down everything you need to do, then prioritise using Brian Tracy’s A, B, C, D, and E method. A for must-do tasks, B for should-do, C for nice-to-do but not critical, D for delegate, and E for eliminate. Scrub off unnecessary tasks to lighten your load.

Image of a mompreneur sitting outside writing in her notebook for the blog post, 24 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business in 2024

#19: Clean out your notebooks

I always have lots of notebooks on the go. That and notes on my phone, notes on my PC, mind dumps in Trello etc. etc. And so, if you’re anything like me, go through all those things and get rid of what you don’t need.

Read through those notes and notebooks. Highlight anything you want to action or start a brand-new list with your top priorities then, throw away those notebooks!

#20: What courses are you taking?

I’m a HUUUGE course junkie. I sign up for so many different courses, especially if they are in bundles! And if it looks like it’s something I might like to do, I snag it too. Which is all very well, but then they just sit on my PC gathering digital dust.

If this sounds like you too, what courses have you signed up for but never touched? And what courses have you started but not finished? Go through them and any you’ve started but are unlikely to complete, get rid of them. And any that you know you would like to do at some point, put them in a folder for later.

#21: Sort your digital files

How organised are your files? And can you find things when you need them? Set aside an hour or two to go through and clean up all of your digital files.

Create folders to help you keep things organised and get rid of anything you no longer need. Or if you don’t want to delete them ‘just in case’, put them into an ‘Archive’ file. Don’t forget to declutter your desktop too. I often find shortcuts on mine that I no longer use!

#22: Delete unused bookmarks

Do you use all of the bookmarks you have saved on your browser? If not, it’s time to get rid! Take a look at what you’ve saved. Delete any you no longer use or need. Then, move those you do into folders so that you can find them more easily.


Okay, we’re nearly there, two to go…

#23: Declutter your workspace

We’ve tackled digital decluttering, now it’s time for a spot of physical decluttering! It’s hard to focus and concentrate when your surroundings are a mess. And so, if your workspace could do with a bit of a clean-up. Now’s the time to do so!

Whether it’s the kitchen table or you have a dedicated workspace, give it a spring clean. Clean out those drawers. Get rid of any papers you no longer need. Tidy up those cables. Throw away any pens that don’t work. Then enjoy how much better having a clean and tidy workspace feels!

#24: Yourself!

Last but not least, why not give yourself a spring clean too. Evaluate your habits, work hours, and commitments. Are you overloading your schedule? Burning the midnight oil? Spruce up your self-care routine so that you can thrive in your business.

You are your greatest asset and your success as a mompreneur depends on how well you are taking care of yourself. So, make sure you are making your wellbeing a priority and filling your cup too. Review your well-being practices, how can you take better care of yourself?

Want help making this happen? Listen to Episode 23 of the Unapologetic Mompreneur podcast where I dive into this very topic. I highly recommend snagging my Fill Your Cup Too masterclass too!

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24 ways to spring clean your biz in 2024

There you have it! 24 ways to spring clean your business in 2024. Here they are again…

  1. Review your products and services.
  2. Review your procedures and workflows.
  3. Review your subscriptions.
  4. Check-in on your goals.
  5. Review your branding and messaging.
  6. Refresh your website.
  7. Do some website housekeeping.
  8. Refresh your social bios.
  9. Update your Facebook headers.
  10. Refresh your Instagram feed.
  11. Unsubscribe and unfollow.
  12. Refresh your Facebook groups.
  13. Declutter those saves.
  14. Check your welcome sequence.
  15. Review your thank-you pages.
  16. Clean up your email list.
  17. Clean up your inbox.
  18. Declutter your to-do list.
  19. Clean out your notebooks.
  20. Review the courses you are taking.
  21. Sort your digital files.
  22. Delete unused bookmarks.
  23. Declutter your workspace.
  24. Yourself!


Now before you freak out, know that you don’t have to do all of these at once! Simply pick the ones that appeal to you the most, make a list and set aside some time for them. Some can be done in an hour or less, others you can do whilst you watching TV one evening.


The best part about this list? You can use it to help you tidy things up in your biz any time you like!


You don’t have to wait until Spring each year to do it. Whenever you feel like your biz could do with some TLC, go through this list again and see what you can tackle.

Better still, why not make a note in your diary to repeat this exercise three or four times a year. I know I’m going to. It’s such a great way of staying on top of the housekeeping side of your biz!  

Okay, I’m off to highlight the ones I want to tackle first and add them to my Trello board. Happy spring cleaning!

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