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What is an unapologetic mompreneur?

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What is an unapologetic mompreneur? And how can being one help you go from surviving to thriving in your journey? Discover how living your life more unapologetically can help you create a biz + life you LOVE in this post.


If you’re tired of all the noise out there telling you how to run your home, parent your kids and grow your biz and you’re ready to ditch all the ‘needs’ and ‘shoulds’ so that you can go from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey, you’ve come to the right place – and I’m so glad you are here!


Welcome to the Unapologetic Mompreneur!


Get ready to discover how to take back your time, home, biz and self so that you can reclaim your power, restore the mompreneur life balance and create a biz + life you LOVE that’s on YOUR terms – WITHOUT worrying about what other people think!


If you’re new to the concept of unapologetic mompreneurship but have been thinking about living your life more unapologetically, this post is for you. 


In it, I’m sharing…

  • What an unapologetic mompreneur is.
  • The benefits of living your life more unapologetically.
  • How embracing unapologetic mompreneurship can help you THRIVE both at home and in your business WITHOUT feeling like you have to choose between the two.
  • How living your life unapologetically can help you create the life you want for you and your family WITHOUT worrying about what other people think.
  • And…how to get started living life more unapologetically so that you can go from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey.
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So, are you ready to take back control and start doing things YOUR way so that you can create a biz + life you LOVE? A life that’s on YOUR terms – WITHOUT worrying about what other people think? Are you ready to become an unapologetic mompreneur?

Let’s dive in!

What does 'unapologetic' mean?

Before we dive into the power of unapologetic mompreneurship and how to get started on your journey towards it, let’s briefly talk about what it means to live your life unapologetically.

The best definition I’ve come across is this…

“Being unapologetic is about validating yourself and being so accepting of yourself that you no longer need to seek any outside validation or approval in order to feel good enough or worthy.” 

Which sums it up pretty well!

Because for me, living life unapologetically and being an unapologetic mompreneur is about doing what I know is right for me, my family and my business – WITHOUT worrying about what other people think.

It’s about taking control of your life, trusting your judgement, owning your decisions and having the confidence to carve your own path WITHOUT needing the approval of others – or changing who you are just so that you can ‘fit in’.

And when you do, when you begin living your life unapologetically, it can be pretty life changing. You’ll go from surviving to thriving in ways you could have never have possibly imagined.

The danger of listening to ALL the 'noise'...

There’s sooo much noise out there telling us how we ‘should’ be doing things. Both in our personal lives and in our businesses. How we ‘should’ parent our kids, run our homes, grow our biz and live our lives.

And all that noise can be dangerous…

Because if we don’t conform, if we don’t live up to all of those societal expectations and pressures, we can be left feeling like we’re a failure. That we don’t fit in. That we’re not part of the crowd and that there’s something wrong with us.

And so, in a bid to be liked, to feel accepted and to ‘fit in’, we start to condition ourselves.

We start to change who we are. We start to behave how others expect us to behave just so we can get that validation. So that we can get the approval we seek. So that we feel worthy and liked.

Whilst it’s human nature to want to be part of the tribe, changing who we are in a bid to fit-in can actually do us more harm than good.

The downside of fitting-in...

I spent most of my early adult years…and waaay too long in the early days of my business…doing what I thought others wanted and expected of me. All in a bid to ‘fit-in’ and feel like I was doing things ‘right’.

Did I experience the success and happiness I was seeking?


In fact, I experienced the total opposite.

I’d spent so long dumbing myself down, so long conforming in order to feel like I fitted in and was getting things ‘right’ that I’d lost all sense of who I was and what I wanted from life. Frustrated and miserable, I’d totally lost my sense of direction, especially in my business.

Having had enough of feeling this way, I knew that things had to change. And so, I made the conscious decision to start showing up as me. To start living my life more authentically, to embrace being more unapologetic in everything I did.

And that’s when everything changed for the better – especially in my business.

I discovered that the secret to go from surviving to thriving  as a mompreneur is showing up as your true authentic self.

And the secret to creating a biz + life you LOVE is being unapologetic in everything you do.

But doesn’t that make us selfish?

Now you might be thinking that doing things your way makes you selfish. That by living your life unapologetically, you don’t care about others.

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Being an unapologetic mompreneur doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish or that you’re disregarding the opinions of others. It’s about caring deeply for the ones you love while also trusting your own instincts and judgments.

As mompreneurs, we’re juggling multiple roles, from running our businesses to taking care of our homes and families. Being unapologetic in how we navigate those roles allows us to create life on our own terms. It allows us to live life in a way that feels right – both for us and our family.

For me, being unapologetic means parenting and managing my home in a way that reflects my values and what truly matters to me and the ones I love.

And in my business, being unapologetic means aligning my business with my core values and vision, rather than conforming to what others consider the norm. It’s about serving my clients and community in a way that feels authentic to me, WITHOUT sacrificing my true self.

Embracing this unapologetic mindset has allowed me to go from surviving to thriving as a mompreneur. It’s given me the freedom to make decisions based on what works best for me and my family, WITHOUT constantly seeking validation from external sources.

Being unapologetic is about owning your choices proudly and confidently paving your own path – even if it differs from the expectations of others.

The benefits of unapologetic living...

There are soooo many benefits to living your life more unapologetically and becoming an unapologetic mompreneur! Here are 5 of my favourite:

Benefit #1: More time and energy

Having identified your core values and priorities, you’re able to say no to things that don’t align with your goals and commitments. This results in more time and energy for the things that matter most, less overwhelm and a better work/life balance.

Benefit #2: You find your tribe.

When you show up as your true authentic self, you attract like-minded individuals – both personally and in your business. Be your unapologetic self and those who resonate with your message will be drawn to you, helping you find your tribe and create genuine friendships and relationships.

Benefit #3: Greater self-love and self-worth.

Embracing who you truly are and doing what feels right for you sends you down a path of self-discovery, developing a greater sense of self-awareness and less of a need for external validation. And because you trust yourself more, you feel more confident, love yourself more and you develop a greater sense of self-worth.

Benefit #4: You worry less about what others think.

Because you trust your judgement and you know what feels right for you, you worry less about the opinions and judgements of others. This allows you to do things your way and stand by your decisions with confidence – regardless of what others might think.

Benefit #5: You go from surviving to thriving.

Being your authentic self and living your life unapologetically makes it so much easier to set and achieve goals that are aligned with what you really want. And because they’re aligned, you’re far more likely to see the success you want. Which takes you from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey – both at home and in your business.

Pretty cool, right?!

Want to dive deeper into these benefits?

Want to know more about these benefits and how taking a more unapologetic approach to life and business can help you go from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey?

That’s exactly what Episode 4 of the Unapologetic Mompreneur podcast is all about!

Getting started...

So now you know what it means to live your life more unapologetically and the benefits of embracing unapologetic mompreneurship, how on earth do you get started on making it happen?

Well…I’m going to be super transparent with you here…living your life more unapologetically and becoming an unapologetic mompreneur is not an overnight thing.

It's all about the journey...

Unapologetic mompreneurship is a journey, not a destination. You don’t suddenly wake up one morning with everything all fine and dandy and with rainbows and unicorns everywhere!

Learning to live your life more unapologetically and embracing unapologetic mompreneurship takes time.

It’s a journey of self-discovery and empowerment that requires a lot of introspection and a willingness to break-free from the need to constantly seek the approval from others.

It’s about learning to trust your own judgement and knowing that it’s okay to be true to yourself. To make decisions that may not align with all the societal norms and expectations out there so that you can create a business you love and the life you want (and deserve!) for you and your family.

And at times, it can be a little scary and overwhelming. Because stepping away from the norms and the expectations of others isn’t always easy. You’ll experience challenges along the way. And sometimes, you’ll feel caused to question whether you’re doing the right thing.

But the benefits of unapologetic mompreneurship far outweigh those challenges.

And the good news is that you don’t have to do it alone…because I’m here with you every step of the way!

I know that you have the power to create the business you want and the family life you want to live – WITHOUT worrying about what others think and together, we can make it happen!

And so, if you’re ready to kiss goodbye to all the ‘needs’ and ‘shoulds’, here are 5 ways I can help you embark on your journey to living life more unapologetically and becoming an unapologetic mompreneur…

5 ways I can help you THRIVE...

Final thoughts...

I know that the journey to unapologetic mompreneurship can feel a little daunting. I’ll be totally honest and upfront about there being areas of my life where I’m working to be more unapologetic. I’ve far from got this nailed. But I’m committed  to sharing what I learn on my mompreneur journey so that you can go from surviving to thriving in your journey too.

I truly believe that it’s possible for every mompreneur to embrace their unapologetic selves and create a business and life they love on their own terms WITHOUT worrying about what other people think.

And so, here’s to unapologetically becoming the mum, wife, biz owner and woman that you’re meant (and deserve!) to be.

Here’s to unapologetic mompreneurship – you’ve got this, mama!

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Sarah Dew

Sarah Dew is a certified master life coach and business coach for mompreneurs, a self-published author, podcast host and the founder and CEO of The Unapologetic Mompreneur. Incredibly passionate about helping mompreneurs create a biz and life they LOVE that’s on their terms WITHOUT worrying about what other people think, she’s also a mum, stepmum, wife, introvert, breast cancer survivor and fur mama to her two (somewhat lazy!) French Bulldog pups, Arthur and Tiger-Lily.

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