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You vs. stress: How to be the winner

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Are you struggling trying to do all the things, feeling like you’re spinning in circles, being pulled every which way with no time, energy or motivation to do everything us busy mums with a business need to do? It's time to take back control and in this post, I reveal how. Get ready to become the winner!

You vs. Stress...

I’m super excited to share this post with you because it’s an incredible guest interview with certified holistic nutritionist and executive wellness coach, Lora Ulrich, who is sharing her best tips and strategies for recognising the signs of stress and how to keep stress and overwhelm at bay so that you can reclaim your power and go from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey. 

Get ready to discover how to focus on your nutrition, successfully juggle all things working from home, how to make your self-care more of a priority and how to pull it all together so that you can be the winner.

Headshot of guest, certified holistic nutritionist and executive wellness coach, Lora Ulrich, for episode 35 of the Unapologetic Mompreneur podcast.
How to be the winner...

Join Lora and I as she shares how to…

  • Maintain a balanced diet so that you have more energy, feel happier and can improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Set boundaries, manage your time better, take regular breaks and be more productive so that you feel less stressed in your business. 
  • Create schedules and share the load so that you can experience a happier home life and enjoy more time together as a family.
  • Make your wellbeing more of a priority so that you can give your mental, emotional and physical health the attention it deserves.
  • How to connect all of these strategies together to live a happier and more balanced life.

This is such a fun and epic conversation with a ton of simple but powerful, actionable strategies too. 

Want to know what they are so that you can keep stress at bay, be the winner and go from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey? 

Pop those earbuds in and let’s find out!


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Pretty cool, right?!

Check out the Unapologetic Mompreneur YouTube channel HERE or click on the link below to dive straight into this episode – where you’ll not only be able to watch our conversation, but you’ll also be able to see Lora’s slideshow presentation too!


Laura is a certified holistic nutritionist and executive wellness coach helping busy, peri-menopausal and menopausal women crack their code to living a healthy lifestyle so that they can reduce belly fat, boost energy, and balance hormones, increase their confidence, feel great and love their bodies.

As a professional, she knows the science behind helping women feel great and love their bodies. As a woman, she understands the demands of real life and the struggles, traumas, and baggage that can get in the way. Her proven actionable holistic wellness coaching and programs have helped thousands of women to reclaim their power and become the winner.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more about Lora and how she can help you keep stress and overwhelm at bay so that you too can be the winner and go from surviving to thriving in your mompreneur journey? 

Check out her website HERE

You can also connect with Lora…

  • On Instagram HERE.
  • On Facebook HERE.
  • On LinkedIn HERE.
  • Get Lora’s metabolism-boosting recipes HERE.
  • Get Lora’s Love Your Body Manifesto HERE.
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Have tips and strategies that will help my listeners make this happen? 

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